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Moonlight Akitas, Akitas, Akita Breeder, Akita Puppies, Show Akitas, Pet Akitas, Companion Akitas, Akitas for Sale, Christina Stanley, American Akitas,  Breeder of Akitas, Akitas in New Mexico



Typical Moonlight Akita Litter-2.5 weeks old - ALL SOLD

Another Moonlight Akita Litter-1 day old - ALL SOLD


If you are interested in a future puppy, please read my companion or show purchase agreement and provide me detailed answers to the questions listed under the Qualified Homes section below.

Moonlight Akitas expects to have puppies in fall 2016 and winter 2016/2017



If you are willing to take an adult Akita, please consider a rescue Akita, please find the New Mexico Akita Rescue Group on Facebook.

Moonlight Akitas are only bred if they are of sound temperament and health certified. They enjoy giving lots of kisses and like attention. They are easily trained and very responsive to the enforcement needed to insure a great dog. A quality dog takes a good amount of discipline with a respectful, loving hand and environment. Moonlight offers a sound basis for you to build on, and will assist in many ways to help a new owner achieve their goal�an Akita to live with.

Moonlight Akitas does NOT encourage all people interested in an Akita to actually acquire an Akita. Since the Akita is one of the most dignified and beautiful canines available, many prospective canine owners seek to learn more about the breed. Some of these potential Akita owners are going to be much better off with a Labrador, German Shepherd, or a smaller dog. If you desire an extremely obedient dog that always comes when called, a dog that can always be off leash at the park, and a dog that will be by your side craving attention�then an Akita is not for you. Please try another breed-- you will be much happier. 

However, if you are seeking a companion that has a mind of it own, one that can be stubborn and determined to try to have its own way, a dog that can pretend to not hear your calls, and a very affectionate and loving companion then an Akita might be for you. 




CH Ava as a 3 month old Akita

A typical Male Akita Companion-12 weeks

Are YOU a Qualified Home for a Moonlight Akita?

Moonlight Akitas occasionally have Akitas available to qualified homes.  First, please read this article to determine if you really want one a dog, especially one of my Akitas--warning, its about permanent dog ownership/responsibility, it will hit you in the gut.  If you are still interested in an adult, a puppy or more information, please contact me.  

Please address the following questions when you e-mail:

  1. Your name, address, and e-mail address/telephone number

  2. Your family composition (adults in household and number and age of children)

  3. Your housing situation (house/apartment, yard�size and fencing)

  4. A brief synopsis of how an Akita would fit into your life

  5. Why you want an Akita and any past experience you have with dogs

Companions (not to be bred or shown) MUST be altered (spayed or neutered).  

    Click here to view the standard Companion Contract (View in Adobe Acrobat)

Show dogs must become an AKC champion and can not be bred until they are champions and health certified.

    Click here to view the standard Show Agreement (View in Adobe Acrobat)

Adults are sometimes available and are only placed after they have been altered unless it is a show dog being placed into a show home.  The price is always somewhat negotiable depending on terms and personal arrangements.  The purchaser pays all additional expenses (shipping, crate, etc).

Deposits are accepted to reserve a puppy from an upcoming litter.  The deposit amount is usually $250 - $500 depending on the litter.

Health certificates are available upon request.



Typical Male Akita Puppy-8 weeks

Additional Information

Contact Information

Moonlight Akitas -- Christina Stanley
Please ONLY call between 6:00 PM and 9:00 PM Mountain Time or on Weekends after 9:00 AM  Cell Phone: 505-681-1887 

Regular Mailing Address: PO Box 16313, Albuquerque, NM  87191

Overnight Mailing Address: c/o Monarch Properties, Inc., 1720 Louisiana Blvd, Suite 402, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87110



A handsome Moonlight Male Akita Puppy -4 months

New Mexico Akita Rescue Group

There are many Akitas in Rescue throughout the United States.  Please take a moment to look and see if you or someone you know may be interested in providing one of them a FOREVER home.

If you are interested in providing an home for a rescue Akita, please contact the New Mexico Akita Rescue Group.  The Akitas that are available truly need a great loving home.  Please direct your RESCUE inquiries ONLY to Chrisan or Jim (505) 400-9870 e-mail:  I cannot not assist you--or answer any questions concerning a Rescue Akita.  The average cost of a Rescue Akita is $200-$300 depending on the situation.

New Mexico Akita Rescue Group Webpage
Akita Rescue of Western New York Webpage



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