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Moonlight Akitas


Moonlight Akitas doesn't currently solely own any male Akitas that reside in New Mexico with Moonlight Akitas.  The following Akitas are co-owned by Moonlight Akitas and reside with their co-owners through the United States and Mexico.

Preacher, a red and black brindle Akita
Click to view Preacher's photos and pedigree.


BISS GCH Moonlight's Celestial Sermon, AOM

"Preacher" is pictured at 22 months of age.  We think he is going to be a dynamite male to show and to use in our breeding programs.  Preacher finished his championship in three weekends of shows.  He won Best of Winners at the Heart of America Akita Club (March 2008) and another Best of Winners at the Land of Enchantment Akita Club (May 2008). 

Preacher won his first Best in Specialty Show at the Heart of America Akita Club in March 2009.  Preacher won Best of Breed at the 2011 Pre-National owner handled by Sharily. 

Sire: CH Dream Hi's Maximus Momentum
Dam: CH Starfire's Moonlight Quest
Born: May 1, 2007
Bred by: C. Stanley and R. Anderson
Owned with: Sharily and Randy Ferris - Celestial Akitas


Ronin, A black male Akita at seven months old
Click to view Ronin's photos and pedigree.

CH Black Forests Moonlight Samurai

"Ronin" went to his first dog show and won two five point majors and two five point major reserves.  At his next show he won Reserve Winners Dog at the 2011 Pre-National.  We expect great things from our amazing young male.

Ronin lives with John and Janet in Colorado and I'm honored to be his handler and co-owner.  This handsome very black brindle male turns heads and will continue to be a showstopper when he mature and ready to special.

Sire: BISS CH Black Forest's Zephyr of Thunder Mountain
CH Moonlight's I Am A Princess
Born: January 11, 2011
Bred by: Christina M. Stanley
Owned with: John and Janet Lewis - Black Forest Akitas

Reyes, a very black brindle male Akita

CH Moonlight's Reyes Roque El Rey Del Bosque

At seven months "Reyes" won Winners Dog and Best of Winners the first day he was ever shown for a five point major at an Akita Specialty.  He has both majors and only needs four singles to finish in only three weekends of shows.

Reyes is extra sweet, very sound and handsome.  He will be lots of fun to show as a special when he matures.  

Sire: BISS CH Moonlight's Celestial Sermon
Dam: CH Moonlight's Mia Bella Takara
Born: October 6, 2010
Bred by: C. Stanley, G and J Chalfant
Owned with: Juaquin Moya

CH Rocky on the Beach, a black and red brindle male Akita
Click to view Rocky's photos and pedigree.


CH Moonlight's Rocky on the Beach

"Rocky" was placed as a companion out of Bella's first litter.  However, he was so sound that I asked the owner if I could reevaluate him before he was neutered.  When I saw him again at nine months old, he was lovely.  I knew that he could finish his championship easily.  I was very lucky that his owner agreed to keep him intact and to allow me to show him.

Rocky is extremely spoilt and needy.  It was a challenge to keep him in a crate at his first dog show, but with lots of snap clips and a sharp eye, I trained him to be a gentleman in his crate.  He has a fabulous temperament and owns the ring.  He finished in five weekends of showing with three majors.

Sire: CH Moonlight's Mountain Legend
Dam: CH Moonlight's Mia Bella Takara
Born: April 24, 2008
Bred by: C. Stanley, G and J Chalfant
Owned with: Jeff Felz  - Albuquerque, New Mexico


Rock, a red with black overlay Akita
Click to view Rock's photos and pedigree.


AM/MEX CH Moonlight's The Rock Tanoshii

"Rock" is pictured at 2.5 years old.  He finished with three majors including a five pointer.  His head type is undeniable.  He's a charmer full of energy and flamboyance.  He finished his championship with relative ease, as he was my filler dog to help build points for another dog I was trying to finish.  Rock would win his class and I would pass Rock to another person to show while I stayed on the dog I wanted to win.  Rock finished first, I don't think I actually put one point on him in the winners class (though he always shown in the bred-by class.)  Thank you Fran Kanipe, who probably won the most points with Rock.

Rock is currently living in Mexico City with his co-owner Miguel.  In Mexico he's expertly handled by Oscar. 

Sire: CH Akiko's Lord of the Rings
Dam: Moonlight's Risque by Duke ROM
Born: January 2004
Bred by: M. Fairchild & C. Stanley
Owned with: Susan Duncan and Miguel Ramos - Northlake Akitas


Spock, a brown with black overlay Akita
Click to view Spock's photos and pedigree.


CH Starfire's Moonlight Trek

"Spock" is pictured at three years old, the day he finished his championship.  He is linebred on BIS CH Moonlight's Duke of Passion (a double greatgrandson).  He is a male with much substance and bone.  Lovely and correct Akita movement.  He's not the best color, but he makes it up in his structure and type. Spock earned his AKC championship easily with a five and four point major in one weekend.  

Spock has a fun personality.  He's loves to play with a partially deflated basketball and to sleep on the bed (yes, he's spoilt).  He lives in Albuquerque with his spayed littermate, Holly.

Sire: CH Moonlight's Rolling with Laughter
Dam: CH Starfire's Moonlight Quest
Born: November 2003
Bred by: Randy Anderson and C. Stanley
Owned with: Dean and Viki Penneman


Click to view Luke's photos and pedigree


AM/MEX CH Starfire's Cool Hand Luke

"Luke" is pictured at 10 months winning his first major toward his AKC championship.  He finished his championship in late September 2003 at twenty months old .  He is a fun dog with a very high energy level, but absolutely as sweet as can be.  Luke resides in Mexico City, Mexico with his co-owner.  

In 2004 he finished as the #1 Akita in Mexico.  Luke was also figured in the dog magazine "Perro" published in Mexico.

Sire: CH Kicho Na Glide With Me
Dam: CH Starfire's Moonlight River
Born: January 2002
Bred by: Randy Anderson, Starfire Akitas
Owned with: Miguel Ramos & C. Stanley


Jedai, a red male Akita
Click to view Jedai's photos and pedigree.


Moonlight's The Jedai Returns at Northlake

"Jedai"  is from a special litter sired by multi Best in Show winner Ben using his frozen semen that was collected in 1982 and 1984.  Jedai is a handsome puppy with great potential.

Jedai is currently growing up at Miguel's house in Mexico at Northlake Akitas.  He has a great disposition and moves like a dream.  He is true coming and going and holds himself together on the move.  

Sire: BIS/BISS CH Tobe's Return of the Jedai ROM 
Dam: CH Moonlight's Gypsy Queen
Born: November 22, 2008
Bred by: C. Stanley, M. Ramos and R. Winston
Owned with: Miguel Ramos


Akita: Undermarket Pinto or White with Colored Head

Moonlight's Mountain Shadow

"Shiro" went to his first shows and won a five point major.  He is very sweet, loving and friendly Akita.  He has a huge head with a short muzzle.  Shiro is also a very clean moving boy.   

Sire: CH Tamarlane's The Sorceror's Apprentice 
Dam: CH Starfire's Moonlight Madness
Born: July 6, 2008
Bred by: C. Stanley and R. Anderson
Owned with: Joe and Leanne Lanucha

Visit the males that are no longer in Moonlight's breeding program; they played a significant role during their time.  Please enjoy the oldies but goodies.  Click here to see the males of Moonlight's past.


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