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Akita references from happy  Akita owners


The following Owners would be happy to provide references concerning Moonlight Akitas.


Holli, Akita AngelSpock and VikiDean and Viki live in Las Vegas and are on their second and third Moonlight Akita.  Their first Akita was Rosco and he lived a long full life. When his female Akita friend passed away, they acquired Holli.  Then when Rosco passed away they provided CH Spock a retirement home.  Holli and Spock are littermates.  Spock is Dean's fifth Akita.

A better home couldn't be asked for.  An Akita's home is just as important as the temperament the Akita is born with.  Akitas do best as part of the family, housedogs and with daily attention.  An owner can't help but fall in love with them, if they make him or her a part of their lives.  Most Akita owners, like Dean and Viki, love Akita breed so much that owning another breed isn't even a consideration.  Great homes are a gift to an Akita breeder. 



Kato and Ventana, red Akitas    Kato, a champion red male Akita

Joe & Lee Ann live near Colorado Springs, Colorado.  Their first Akitas, Kato -- Ch Moonlight's Rafferty (pictured at four years) and Ventana (pictured at three years) enjoy Colorado life and weather.  They especially love the snow and the cold weather.  When the temperatures are below zero, they act like its nothing.  

Joe and Lee Ann basically a companion male but when Kato was born he was the only male and he was definitely show quality.  I was very fortunate that they agreed to take Kato and allow me to show him as well.  It was the beginning of a good friendship.  The dogs were first and then the family expanded when their two children were born.  

They first Akitas have passed on and Joe and Lee Ann have acquired their second set of Akitas from me, Shiro and Sasha (pictured at 6 months).  All four of their Akitas are wonderful with their children.

Shiro, a undermarked pinto male AkitaSasha, a brown with heavy black overlay


Torri, a brindle AkitaScarlet, a fawn AkitaTorri is a lovely black brindle spayed female who was acquired by Max when he lived in Flagstaff, Arizona.  Torri was a very passive female and got along with most dogs in the household.  Max and Torri had such a bond that she is never more than fifteen feet away from him when off leash.  they moved to Chicago and Torri passed away from cancer at eight years old.  I remember being at the dog show in Flagstaff and seeing a big black Akita walking across the field with a group of people.  I told my friend, that's a lovely Akita, I bet its my Akita...she just I made a bet and I won a Blizzard.

Max was in touch with me throughout Torri's life and asked me for another Akita upon her loss.  Max now has his second Akita,  Scarlet-a lovely fawn female, from me and his mother and father have acquired her brother as well.



Tiki, a brown pinto male and Yoshi a deaf silver with black overlay female Glen had two of my Akitas, Atika (pictured at five years) and Yoshi (pictured at one year) reside in Tucson.  Yoshi is a special Akita, she is deaf.  Glen trained both Akitas to respond to full hand commands.  He had this to say:  "We can’t thank you enough for giving us Yoshi. She is absolutely beautiful and extremely smart. She already knows sit, stay, down, come, move, leave it, inside, outside, and okay. She is very visual—pays attention to facial expressions (happy, that a no-no, etc.) and always keeps within visual range of Glen or me. She is great with people, and absolutely loves children. She doesn’t startle easily, even with kids. Her personality is great—we love her to pieces. Thank you. P.S. Yoshi and Atika are good buddies—we’re amazed at how well they get along!"

Both Akitas have passed on now and Glen acquired an older female Akita that was a half-sister of Yoshi from me and then I told him about another breeder on the east coast that needed a home for a deaf male puppy.  Glen was happy to provide the deaf puppy a home.  Glen's family expanded from one to a wife with three children and the Akitas do great with the children.


Kato, a champion red male AkitaShasta and John acquired Kyoshi (CH Moonlight's Doctrine Samurai-a Kato son) from me as a puppy.  They had waited awhile for a puppy from me...finally he arrived.  The only male in a litter of three.  A lovely show male and they agreed to take him with the condition Xena, a champion black brindle female Akita that I could show him.  Kyoshi finished very easily and as a youngster.  

When Xena (CH Moonlight's Xena of Silver Star) was returned to me because her owner didn't want her any more (yes, this lovely female who was ranked in the Top 20 for two years and who won Reserve Winners Bitch at the 1997 national was returned), I asked John and Shasta if they would be willing to provide her a forever home as a spayed female.  They agreed and they had always loved her.  Xena lived the rest of her life in their home and I couldn't have asked for a better place for her.  A home where she was loved.  

KK, a champion silver female AkitaJohn and Shasta decided to start a family and did it with a bang...twins.  I still remember visiting and they were eating cheerios and every Cheerio they ate, they would give one to Kyoshi or Xena who waited patiently (the dogs were lucky there were two children).  When the twins were about five years old Xena passed away from bloat.  They told me that Xena was going to miss them, but would watch over them from above.  

They replaced Xena with my retired show dog, CH Starfire's Moonlight Quest.  Que' or KK fit right into their home.  The children told me that KK loved them, I asked how did they know.  I was told that since she couldn't stop giving them kisses, she loves them very much.  I think KK totally loves her new home and doesn't miss me at all because she has two children to love on.  She and Kyoshi are best buds.  Sadly, John passed away in a motorcycle accident in April 2009.  He left behind a wonderful family and is greatly missed.  The children understood death already because of losing Xena.  They told Shasta that daddy was with Xena and she would take care of him.  They lost a father, Shasta lost a husband and I lost a friend.  I made sure Shasta knew if she couldn't handle the dogs without John to let me know, and Shasta said that there was no way she would part with them that they are just as much a part of the family as John was.



Shadow, a red and black longcoat AkitaKuma, Red female AkitaDan and Yvette purchased Shadow from my second litter in December 1993, a Scarlett son (pictured on left).  They then acquired Bailey, a white female Akita, out of Scarlett's third litter.  Shadow was neutered and I was going to show Bailey, but I just never got around to it...and the next thing I knew she was and old lady.  Like many couples, they had the dogs first and then two children.  Shadow and Bailey passed away at thirteen and fourteen years old.   

They contacted me for another Akita and now they have Kuma (pictured on right).  She is certainly lovely enough to show, but I doubt that we ever will.  She was the smallest puppy the Logan x Maddy litter (1/3 the size of the others) but she was healthy and had an awesome personality.  She quickly became everyone's favorite from the litter.


Full names were omitted intentionally.  If you desire to actually receive a formal recommendation from any Moonlight Akita Owner, please feel free to ask for such.  E-mail addresses and/or telephone numbers will be provided.  My owners with children are also willing to discuss what they did to get their Akitas ready for the new two legged arrival.

Most Akitas make wonderful family companions.  Show Akitas can also be fabulous pets as well.  Half of my finished champions are never even breed, and most of the rest are only bred once and then spayed or neutered.  All dogs require training, time and attention to develop them to their full potential as part of the family.  



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