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July 21, 1990 - March 9, 2004

Scarlett was an opportunity of a life time.  Its not very often that your first show dog is as wonderful and actually becomes a champion all the necessary health clearances.  She finished easily with three majors and earned her Register of Merit title from her first two litters.   Scarlett produced ten champions.  She produced a Best in Show winner from her first litter and her puppies had awesome personalities.  She produced the following champions:

Scarlett, a red female champion Akita    Sired by BIS/BISS CH NorthStar's Siberian Express ROM "Sabre"

  • BIS CH Moonlight's Duke of Passion "Duke"

  • CH NorthStar's Sunset Treasure "Sable"

  • CH Moonlight's Passion Destiny "Destiny"

    Sired by CH NorthStar's Coors Silver Bullet Timbersky ROM "Bullet"

  • CH Moonlight's Que "Q"

  • CH Moonlight's Magical Challenge "Magic"

  • CH Timbersky's Brawn of Sondaisa MNLT "Bronson"

    Sired by CH Apogee's Hunk of Burning Love "Rocky"

  • CH Moonlight's Flames of Scarlett "Ame"

  • CH Moonlight's Rafferty "Kato"

    Sired by CH Moonlight's Indian Outlaw "Indi"

  • CH Moonlight's Passion Conquest "Connie"

  • CH Moonlight's Two Sides of Passion "Sidney"

Scarlett's type and pedigree have been the greatest asset as a foundation bitch.  She passed her gorgeous Akita type to all her puppies and you can still see her in my newest puppies.  You will see her name in nearly every Akita at Moonlight.  

I still remember Scarlett like it was yesterday.  She loved sleeping the bed.  She loved Milk-Bones, once she ate an entire box and had the most horrendous gas for the next three days (she was kicked out of the house).  Another time she attempted to open the cookie can (a Christmas Popcorn Can) and instead of opening it she sealed it all the way around with her teeth.  I wasn't able to open that can until a man came to the house and pried it open with a screwdriver and a hammer.  She and Nikko once stole three pounds of beef I was cooking off the stove (a gas stove) and ate every piece and licked the floor clean (so clean it wasn't even sticky).  Those two were partners in crime.   

Scarlett was spayed in 1997 and enjoyed retired life raising and training the other Moonlight Akitas.  I choose to let her go when she had a hard time standing in the rear.  Its always a hard decision to make, when a dog is ready.  Duke had had his stoke and I choose to let mother and son go together because I didn't want to have to suffer twice.  It was a very sad day, as everyone who has made this decision for a loved companion knows. 

She was bred by NorthStar Akitas, Chris Weatherman.  Scarlett was OFA Good, eyes clear and thyroid normal.  She lived a healthy and complete life as my girl.


Scarlett's Sire/Dam Grandsire/Dam Great Grandsire/Dam Great Great Grandsire/dam

CH NorthStar's Crime of Passion ROM

CH Koma-Inu Bronze Bruin ROM

CH Raiden of Jo-Uba ROM

CH Okii Yubi's Sachmo of Makoto ROM

Mikado No Kin Hozan ROM

Yuho Mariko No Kin Hozan ROM

Dragon House Nikki No Kenicia

Yukan No Okii Yubi ROM

Nikko No Okii Yubi

CH Masumi's Ninjo Kara Suteki ROM

CH Okii Yubi's Sachmo of Makoto ROM

Mikado No Kin Hozan ROM

Yuho Mariko No Kin Hozan ROM

Sakura's Rei-Jin

CH Sogon-Na's Aramusha Sakura

Sakura's Ito

CH Kuroi Kao Dallas Alice ROM

CH Sherisan Uragin

CH Okii Yubi's Sachmo of Makoto ROM

Mikado No Kin Hozan ROM

Juho Mariko No Kin Hozan ROM

CH Echol's Ichiban Tamiko ROM

CH Shori's Diansan Banko Maru ROM

CH MatsuKaze's Kuru Kitsune ROM

CH Va-Guas Kuroi Kao Kuma CD

CH Va-Guas Jamel the Mean Machine ROM

BIS CH Wanchan's Akagumo

CH Jamel's Oso Cute

CH Echol's White Tornado

Fukumoto's Ashibaya Kuma ROM

CH MatsuKaze's Kuru Kitsune ROM


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